What’s in Oklahoma?…That was always the question from strangers I randomly met during my trip. The answer is simple. Oklahoma is where my family is. It was my first time to meet my sweet and beautiful little munchkins, and also their first time to meet their fabulous Auntie. Hah! 😛

Indeed, Oklahoma is not a usual US vacation destination for a foreigner. But when you immerse yourself, you will be convinced with the saying “It’s OK in OKC”. I had just been in a few cities, but I was sure the countryside was offering a lot of delightful ways to commune with nature.

When I first arrived in OKC, I only saw one tall building from the airport to my sister’s house. The first word that came to my mind was flat. It is the flattest place I had ever seen. But I like it! Having a full length horizon is one of my fave because the sky appears huge. From dusk to dawn, the sky always give an explosion of beautiful colors. I also experienced my first lunar eclipse here Super Blood Moon. I borrowed two nice photos of sunrises from our Filipino photographer friend, Aaron. As I always had a peaceful slumber, I do not realize that it was morning until my nephew started to climb up to my bed, opened the window drapes and whispered his little voice “Wake up Auntie, mister sun is up…wook!”

I was there during autumn and was still able to see the beautiful flowers in my sister’s garden and in Myriad Botanical Garden. I was also entertained by the originality and beauty of complexity of my brother-in-law’s koi pond design (pumping 13,000 gallons of water per hour and must operate properly even on a freezing temperature!). Compared back home, physics is not being applied, we just go with the Mother Nature’s flow. 😀 Outside garden comforts, I also enjoyed admiring the mix of old and new high-rise architectural building designs in OKC downtown and some nearby cities.

For me, the stop-over in Oklahoma was purely dedicated for my family, and to meet my niece and nephew while they are still at their cutest stages of life. 😀 That’s why I did not make any itineraries to explore the county. However, if you’re wondering what to OK(see) in OKC, visit their website to plan your trip. Enjoy!


        Thank you for making my stay truly wonderful.