What happened in Vegas, didn’t happen to me!

At 2:00 AM, tired from a four-hour drive, we headed straight to the hotel to catch some sleep.

Fast forward. Wedding in Vegas! …Sorry guys, not mine. 😛 My friends and I attended a wedding, both the bride and groom are Filipinos. To my surprise, the wedding is in a chapel-like room, and it was very solemn I must say. We were not even allowed to use our mobile phones and take pictures. All along I was thinking of those express weddings I’ve seen in the movies. The vows made me teary-eyed, #forever… Or maybe, women will always be emotional in every wedding.

Fast forward 2x. After the wedding ceremony, we went back to our hotel, and went back to sleep…again.

Fast forward 4x. Night time came, we stepped out of the hotel. In Vegas, when the stars are out, so does everybody else. And of course, we were starving because it was dinner time.


Chihuly’s beautiful art blossoms, Fiori Di Como, in Bellagio’s hotel lobby.

It is home to dozens of incredible shows with something for just about everyone. Since this trip was another spontaneous decision I made, I just filled my vision with all the beautiful lights of the mega-casino hotels, malls, and restaurants along the Strip. Aside from being a budget traveller, I did not play in the casino because I do not know how to put up a poker face. 😐 It is all new to me, seeing the mix of beauty, body art, fun and excitement of magicians, showgirls, jokers and all other kinds of entertainers along the streets.


Bellagio’s fountain show

I only tasted the icing on the cake but I can say that Las Vegas is indeed The Entertainment Capital of the World. 😉