Lake Sebu

You may be wondering why I haven’t posted any travels from my beautiful country. That’s because I just started my travel blog late last year. And since I am done with my North America articles, I will now… Continue reading

Enchanted Beauty

  Somewhere in the Philippines… More stories and adventures coming up from this side of the world. Stay tuned! 😉  


What’s in Oklahoma?…That was always the question from strangers I randomly met during my trip. The answer is simple. Oklahoma is where my family is. It was my first time to meet my sweet… Continue reading

Beautiful Lady


One chilly morning of November, I woke up at 5 AM. I do not want to be late on this day to see some big stuff. After I took a hot shower, I… Continue reading


What happened in Vegas, didn’t happen to me! At 2:00 AM, tired from a four-hour drive, we headed straight to the hotel to catch some sleep. Fast forward. Wedding in Vegas! …Sorry guys,… Continue reading


LALLALA! Los Angeles is the first city I stepped in North America, and also the last. After three months of roaming around the continent, my first impression didn’t change – beautiful weirdos. L.A.… Continue reading


Houston…the Eagle has landed. ~ Neil Armstrong, 1969. There is always a connecting flight back to OKC. Before I book my flight, I contact my couple friends who have a pending invitation for… Continue reading


It’s seven o’clock in the morning, ‘was trying to reach for my phone to stop the buzzing sound. I do not recall that I set the alarm as I went to bed at… Continue reading


From New York City, I went off to Maryland to meet our “egso” (Gubatnon dialect). I do not know if there is an English translation for the word. However, it’s like you become… Continue reading